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Lisa Ronald (she/her) | American Rivers's Personal Meeting Room - Shared screen with speaker view
Thomas O'Keefe (American Whitewater)
Thomas O'Keefe, American Whitewater
James Major
James Major - River Management Society
katherine baer (she/her) | River Network
Katherine Baer, River Network
Michael Fiebig - American Rivers
Mike Fiebig, American Rivers - Southwest U.S., Durango, CO
Steve Chesterton
Steve Chesterton, US Forest Service, Washington DC
Cheryl Cail (she/her)
Cheryl Cail, Associate Director Southeast, Lowcountry-SC, and Vice Chief of the Waccamaw Indian People. Joining from Socastee, the land of my ancestors.
Echo Miller-Barnes
Echo Miller-Barnes with the US Forest Service in Hungry Horse, MT
Monti Aguirre / International Rivers
Saludos/greetings, Monti Aguirre - International Rivers
André (he/el, CalWild)
André Sanchez, CalWild, calling from the land of Nisenan & Miwok in Sacramento, CA.
Colter Pence, Flathead National Forest
Thank you for sharing, I have learned a lot and know I have more to learn.
Colter Pence, Flathead National Forest
What is the status of other waterways within the reservation, besides the lower Flathead, for designation under this ordinance?
Bridget Moran, AR (she/her)
I unfortunately need to jump off, but I’m curious what elements of the WSRA did not align with CSKT's goals for protecting this waterway (AKA what about the WSRA made it not a good fit?). I’m fascinated by and excited about the Cultural Waterways Ordinance, and I'm so grateful to you both for speaking with us today.
Cheryl Cail (she/her)
Thank you Jordan and Whisper for presenting today!
Colter Pence, Flathead National Forest
The 3 Forks of the Flathead River (North Fork, Middle Fork, and South Fork) are designated WSR, administered by the Flathead National Forest - https://www.rivers.gov/rivers/flathead.php. The main Flathead River, from the MF/SF confluence to Flathead Lake is not designated WSR.
David Moryc, American Rivers
Thank you so much Jordan and Whisper for your presentations and protection of rivers. This is groundbreaking and inspiring work.
Sheena P. Flathead Rivers Alliance
Thank Whisper and Jordan. Very much appreciated your sharing!
Thomas O'Keefe (American Whitewater)
Tom here from American Whitewater noting that we have some Tribal staff in our region who provide edits and comments on our website directly (the information is crowdsourced). It is a platform available to reach recreational users.
Michael Fiebig - American Rivers
Thank you, Whisper and Jordan! That was excellent, and congrats on passing an inspiring waterways ordinance! Would you both mind if Lisa shared your contact information with the group?
Kristina Rylands - Merced River Watershed
Thank you, Whisper and Jordan. I learned a LOT and LOVED the discussion this morning. So inspiring!
André Sanchez
Tlazocamati (thank you) to Jordan and Whisper.